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The actual news article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2726219/Yasmin-Thomas-victim-disgusted-walked-free.html

"But womenz are so oppressed! "

You realize that he probably instigated her? People dont just do these things. You just like to hear the one side of the story that you want to.

And if a woman instigated a man who then glasses her in the face? You’d be singing a different song then.

You’re just throwing in probably. This is exactly what I saw people do over Michael Brown being murdered. They just go “Oh, he must’ve attacked the cop.” or “Oh, the cop must’ve been trying to defend himself!” Even though there was seriously nothing suggesting that, and we later had mountains of evidence showing it was cold blooded murder.

No, I don’t know the reason she did that. Maybe he did attack her, maybe he didn’t. I’m not going to just assume anything though. Stop looking at this as a way to shoot people down, and look at it through facts.

Edit: Oh shit, didn’t see that first comment. Also, fuck you anti-feminist-rayquaza. This doesn’t eliminate the fact that women are more oppressed than men in every way.

This woman also had 17 previous convictions of assault.  That means this is the 18th time she has physically assaulted someone.  The majority of human beings on this planet, regardless of gender identity, will likely go through their entire lives without even accumulating ONE.

Funny how the people who claim to be against “victim-blaming” are the first ones to do it to anyone that doesn’t fit their narrow criteria of what it means to be a victim.  They’re also quick to hide behind a little of that “patriarchy” when it’s convenient for them to do so.  If it works in their favor, they’re all for those outdated gender roles that they claim to be trying so hard to disassemble.  If today’s excuse for “feminism” was truly about gender equality, then they would suck it up, and admit that there’s more to that term than just money and “privilege” (not even getting into the fact that women are already a lot more privileged in this country than they’d care to admit).  There’s also the matter of accepting the same level of punishment for committing the same crimes.  Women in general have gotten away with some pretty goddamn horrifying shit simply because of their gender.  People will fall all over themselves trying to excuse when a woman commits assault or cold-blooded murder, because we’re still stuck in this obsolete notion that women aren’t as capable of wrongdoing as men.  More women commit child abuse than men (and don’t give me any of that shit about “But women are usually the ones taking care of the kids!”, because THAT ISN’T AN EXCUSE, NOR JUSTIFICATION, FOR HARMING OR KILLING THEM).  Children are more likely to be killed by their mothers than their fathers, and when it comes to the murder of spouses, 41% of the killers are women.

Women are not perfect angels incapable of perpetrating evil, and the sooner that “feminists” finally admit this, the closer we’ll be to ACTUAL gender equality, and the closer we’ll be to seeing all human beings as equals, no matter HOW they identify.

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There is no war on drugs because you cannot have a war against inanimate objects. There is only war on drug addicts. Which means we are warring on the most abused and vulnerable segments of the population.




State and county Police are accompanying and marching WITH protesters in Ferguson. THESE are good cops.


They’re not good cops. They realized that upping the ante only worked in the protestors’ favor and led to large protests around the country. Now they’re pacifying the protestors in hopes that they’ll eventually stop protesting and go home.

It’s no different than when the army was called into Ludlow to break up the fighting between the Colorado National Guard and the coal miners during the early 20th century. The National Guard was shooting strikers, burning their children alive and all kinds of horrible things. The Governor and President let it continue until the miners armed themselves and launched a violent campaign in retaliation, which endangered big capital. At that point the President sent in the army to “bring peace” to the region. Things went back to normal, workers continued being exploited, and justice was never found for most of the human rights violations that occurred. The soldiers who ended the conflict weren’t good, they were conniving backstabbers.

This is the exact same thing, just a repeat of history. The establishment doesn’t want things to escalate in Ferguson and elsewhere, becoming a threat to its stability or existence. The establishment doesn’t care about Michael Brown or any other Black person who’s been killed without justification. They just want the dissidence to cease and Black victims of police brutality to be forgotten.

If Capt. Johnson cared about police brutality he would defect and inform the world of the corruption and abuse that goes in in the police force. Instead he panders to the system and actively works to preserve a white supremacist power structure every day of his life.

They still haven’t named Brown’s killer. Justice hasn’t been served just because a couple of cops are playing nice. It’s a positive step, but that doesn’t mean all of those people weren’t bruised and battered, those journalists were still arrested — free speech was suppressed. This is like people forgetting about martial law in Boston because some cop bought 2 gallons of milk.

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What’s with all the pokemon stuff lately?

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Well Tumblrs of the world, I haven’t’ been around for very much.  not sure why, maybe it’s cause my follows are NSF lol

IN any case, I just wanted to point out that Canada sucks big time right now, the world is going to shit and I’m pretty fucking mad about the whole thing.

To quote one of my very good friends:



Story of the blood. 

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WTF is this?

The Defence Department has quietly removed from the Internet a report into the killing of a Canadian military officer by Israeli forces, a move the soldier’s widow says is linked to the Conservative government’s reluctance to criticize Israel for any wrongdoing.

Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/removes+report+killing+Canadian+soldier+Israeli+forces/7742746/story.html#ixzz2GBMezosZ



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John Stewart is going to debate Billow The Clown?

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3 Kittens Are Now Here!!

Colors are as follows:

Black & White

Gray & White

All Black ( so far )



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3 Kittens Are Now Here!!

Colors are as follows:

Black & White

Gray & White

All Black ( so far )


We now have 2 kittens