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The only news is that it’s no longer news that a Republican lawmaker spews anti-Muslim bigotry.
Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, responding to state Senator Kevin Grantham’s proposal to ban building mosques

Sure sure, the GOP have their hateful rhetoric and the Democrats have their Drones.

Neither of these scumbag parties are in it for the people. Any people. Least of which Americans.

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It would be really nice to have Rick Santorum suspend his campaign, just until the convention and then broker the hell out of it.

I’d love to see them all squirm while the delegate run around like chickens with their head’s cut off trying to decide which one of the assholes to give the nomination to.

Hopefully the rumors are true and they are just holding out to give it to Ron at the convention.  It’s a pipe dream I know, but could you imagine?

Meanwhile Gingrich is probably gonna start whoring himself out on the corner of whatever city he’s in to pay for attack ads.

Typical of him.

That people who think that Sarah Palin is a politician as oppossed to a GOP talking head, are fucking delusional.

The woman makes one speech at CPAC, (which was read off a teleprompter, so you know she didn’t write a single world, probably had somebody help her with her own signature at the bottom) gets a standing ovation everytime she uses a talking point like:

"The left is bad, Obama is bankrupting our country."


And conservatives go nuts for this apparently.  So much so, there’s a group of people who think she is going to create a brokered convention where SHE gets the nomination!


Insanity, that is what the GOP is.  About as much charisma as a fist and stupid to boot.

Ron Paul is the only candidate worth discussing and the only true conservatives are those who support him and no the war mongering assholes who stand next to him.


More proof that the GOP have about as much charisma this year as a fist.  Even Conservatives don’t believe that Newt, Mitt & Santorum are actually Conservatives.

Ron Paul FTW.