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John McCain didn’t want a running mate who hadn’t paid taxes for 10 years.

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Alright, so Birthers are fucking crazy, but this is a good one.


Alright, so Birthers are fucking crazy, but this is a good one.

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“I’m going to eliminate every non-essential, expensive program I can find, that includes Obamacare,”

Republican presidential candidate MITT ROMNEY, essentially telling 30 million Americans without health insurance that they’re “non-essential.”

Good job, Mitt.

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You mean to tell me that you are OK with the government telling you that you HAVE to buy something, or else to go jail or be fined?

Really?  You think that’s the government’s job do you? 

Obamacare is not a health care plan, it simply continues the current status quo and puts more money in the pockets of private insurers.


Dear Mitt Romney: if you call a healthcare reform law that gives 30 million of your fellow Americans access to health insurance — access they currently don’t have and never have had — then you’re going to get booed for being a generally insensitive, uncaring dumbass.


Dear people who think that Mitt Romney or Obama don’t play for the same team: Please be advised that people laugh at you consistently.

Please also be advised that the government has no right ( or should not anyway) to force you to buy something under threat of foce and coercion.

That’s what we call a dictatorship around these parts and what the US casually throws it’s military around the world to solve every year.

Furthermore, Mighty Mittens ( see Mitt Romney) literally wrote the blueprint for ObamaCare when he was a governor and now he tries to run from it as much as he can.

Both of these party “leaders” are just globalist scumbags.

It would be really nice to have Rick Santorum suspend his campaign, just until the convention and then broker the hell out of it.

I’d love to see them all squirm while the delegate run around like chickens with their head’s cut off trying to decide which one of the assholes to give the nomination to.

Hopefully the rumors are true and they are just holding out to give it to Ron at the convention.  It’s a pipe dream I know, but could you imagine?

Meanwhile Gingrich is probably gonna start whoring himself out on the corner of whatever city he’s in to pay for attack ads.

Typical of him.



JESUS that’s funny.

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Oh Mr. Romney, I hope you have two pair on.

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Reminds of the time my friend Evan cream-pied the PM of Canada.

Although in his case, the sentence was 30 days in prison and a $50 fine


That’s so ridiculous.  It’s glitter FFS.

How can a man be President if he can’t deal with glitter?  He’ll just have a stroke and die the first time China calls the White House..