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According to the mainstream Western media, a ‘civil war’ is raging in Syria. Campaigning groups like the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (1) make extravagant claims about huge numbers of casualties (they claim that around 20,000 people have already died) at the hands of the Syrian state security forces. Independent journalists, it is alleged, are not allowed to report directly from Syria, and the regime does not permit free press activities.

From such accounts, visitors might expect to find a country shocked and paralyzed by war, full of destruction. But when I arrived in Damascus on 12 July with a journalist visa to report for ZUERST! I saw none of these things. I took the land route from Beirut to Damascus, although a lot of people had told me the route wasn’t safe, because Free Syrian Army (FSA) rebels had declared that they controlled around 85% of Syria. But when I crossed the Lebanese-Syrian border, I witnessed the normal border traffic – no masses of refugees, no panic, no fights. The route to Damascus had several Syrian Army checkpoints, but was calm and safe.

I returned to Damascus via the city of al Tel, which the FSA had occupied briefly until the Syrian army re-took the city. One could still see the traces of the rebel forces and their supporters – notably graffiti on walls celebrating not freedom or democracy, but rather extremist Muslim preachers. There were also threats daubed on shops – “Go on strike or burn!” – painted by rebels seeking to force the shop owners to go on strike to place pressure on the government. Western policymakers have a woefully wrong notion of Syria’s “Arab Spring”. There is little or no liberal, progressive opposition; even the FSA is an assembly of different militia groups, including jihadis, mercenaries and criminals.

You see folks, the CIA are just larping.


Really? REALLY?!

You’re surprised?

Israel will make anything about Iran if it serves their war mongering agenda.


Even the Wall Street Journal fell for it. I’m done.

I told you it didn’t make any sense. If you guys are so eager to blame Iran for something, at least run it through your minds and see if it’s logical first.

Oh that is not a coincidence.

April Fools joke?  Yeah, the media only shits on Iran so it can continue to convince people that they are bad and somehow need America to stick their dick in their country.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence during a propaganda campaign.

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This is from 2009.  The current movements by Israel and the United States pretty much mirror this report:

The document, “Which Path to Persia?” published by the corporate-funded Brookings Institute, and signed by Kenneth Pollack, Daniel Byman, Martin Indyk, Suzanne Maloney, Michael O’Hanlon, and Bruce Riedel, who often make their way onto corporate-media networks as “experts,” clearly states that Iran is neither reckless nor likely to deploy nuclear weapons in any way but as a deterrence to Western-led military intervention. The fear is not of waking up one day to a nuclear holocaust with Israel “wiped off the map,” but rather waking up one day and realizing the US and Israel no longer hold uncontested hegemony across the Middle East.

On page 24 of the Brookings Institute report, it is stated, “most of Iran’s foreign policy decisionmaking since the fall of the Shah could probably be characterized as “aggressive but not reckless,”” before adding the baseless caveat, “but Washington cannot categorically rule out the possibility that there are truly insane or ideologically possessed Iranian leaders who would attempt far worse if they were ever in a position to do so.”

 There you have it folks.

Well let’s look at military conflicts that Iran [u]started[/u] in the last 100 years.

Other than internal rebellions, Iran has not been in an actual armed conflict with another nation since the Iraq-Iran War, in which Iran was invaded.

Sure, it’s perhaps had some though talking points.  We know that the real people in charge of Iran ( the religious dictatorship) isn’t a peace loving, wanting person.  However that does not give us the authority to invade their land and cause hundreds of thousands of civilians deaths in the process.  Simply to remove a dictator the US helped put in place.

If we are speaking strictly from a military aggression standpoint, I would argue that the United States has been far more “aggressive” in it’s Middle Eastern Foreign Military Policy than Iran ever has been.

Employing primary source materials and what now is seen by most in the world as history, Iran has finacially supported Hezbollah and Hamas. As many countries including the US always strives for plausible denial and we all know every country in the world uses propoganda and BS, including Iran and the US, the fact remains, there is as much proof of Irans finacial ties to terrorist organizations as there is proof against it.

By it’s own definitions the CIA, the FBI, the NSA are all terrorist organizations which not only used tactics on it’s enemies, but also it’s own citizens in the form of fear propaganda and unlawful acts.  It’s historically supported the the United States has had a hand in placing most if not all of the dictators they’ve currently been on a crusade of removing.  All the way back to the 1950’s.

When I look at the odds of the United States having good reason to start a war and telling the truth about it’s “enemies”, I can’t help but stack those odds against it’s historical precedence of meddling in other nation’s affairs for it’s own benefit.

(In response to a story regarding Iran working with AlQaeda)

Wow, I didn’t know Sky News was part of the West’s propaganda machine. Interesting.

There is no group call Al Qaeda, they aren’t some vast terrorist network. Just some guys the CIA used in the 80’s to overthrow the Shah of Iran. Haven’t been relevant since.

Come on, nobody can believe this as being true. Just look at the climate for the war against Iran right now. This is fear propaganda, they did with Iraq before the war then. You really really need to not let them scare you into agreeing that a conflict in the Middle East is a good idea yet again.

"Sky News Intelligence Sources", really? So according the MI5 apparently, the bad people are all working together, how nefarious..!

It’s not a coincidence there was an Israeli embassy bombed. Neither is anything else that’s negative about Iran, for the last two years and until they find something people really believe to justify all out invasion.

I’m kind of saddened by the blatancy of the propaganda though, it would have been nice for them to at least show some effort in covering up their war mongering. Refreshing even.

As it stands I’m left with a bland taste in my mouth. It’s all too familiar.

Circa 2003 Iraq.

Sure sure, there are terrorists, that I’m not denying. There just isn’t some global syndicate of them hell bent on destroying Americans..

Just fundamentalist groups, no more different that the Westboro Baptist Church, perhaps they show a little more conviction in their actions ( the use of wide scale violence ) to get the point across, but either way just a minimalist group of extremists.

We should not start wars over proxy groups that were trained/created by the Nations who claim they now need to be removed from their little chess board.

Ok, so these posts have really just been my random thoughts throughout the day so far, but today I’m feeling a bit bitchy, so I’m gonna write a little more about a topic people are paying attention to, but I don’t think have quite accepted as reality.

Iran and Israel, along with many other countries are going to start a war with each other.  It doesn’t matter who is going to start it, or who is going to end it, but it will happen folks.  Unless there’s some drastic change in the way we do things before the summer.

Which of course we all know will not happen.  It’s imperative that everybody understand what is going on right now in that region.  Libya, Egypt, Syria, these were all campaigns to destabilize the region in order to push Iran further into a corner.

Iranian scientists being murdered, equipment being destroyed via cyber attacks, increased saber ratting, force buildups in key regions such as the Straight of Hormuz, these are all 21st century war precursors.

The only thing missing a large scale false flag attack to scare the populace of the “Allied” nations into a frenzy for war.  The last thing they need is to convince us that war is necessary and that some great evil is upon us.

Do not fall for the propaganda, do not fall for the fear tactics.  You’ve had 12 years of this constant double think since the last false flag attack and it’s becoming more and more apparent that another is on the horizon.

I have my money on the Olympics, hopefully I’m wrong.  And for anybody who thinks my tin foil hat is on a little too tight, just take a long look at the state of the world right now and tell me it isn’t ripe for war..

Lizzie Phelan discussing CIA & Muslim Brotherhood intervention in Lybia.  People really need to pay attention to this.

The media is lying to you.  People are dying, but not for the reasons they claim.  This is clearly an excuse to destabilize the region in order to continue sequestering Iran from the the rest of it’s allies.

All the claps.

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Is it bad that I’m laughing really hard?


Poor him…lol

Really though, these people are mostly insane anyway.

Apparently, this is Photoshopped..yup it sure is.

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Proving time after time that he is just another big government war loving Republican. 

You can’t have a small, limited government with an unfettered war state.  They just aren’t compatible. 

Jennifer Rubin asked Marco Rubio about Iran before he spoke at CPAC:

Rubio replied, “Iran is an existential threat not only to Israel but to the region….”

It’s remarkable how Iran hawks keep building up the Iran threat with increasingly preposterous claims at the same time that some high-ranking Israeli officials are trying to use less alarmist language. As Haaretz reported late last year:

“What is the significance of the term existential threat?” the ambassadors quoted [Mossad chief] Pardo as asking. “Does Iran pose a threat to Israel? Absolutely. But if one said a nuclear bomb in Iranian hands was an existential threat, that would mean that we would have to close up shop and go home. That’s not the situation. The term existential threat is used too freely.”

A nuclear-armed Iran isn’t an existential threat to Israel, but I can at least understand why someone might claim to believe that. An Iran without nuclear weapons isn’t an existential threat to any other state, much less the entire region. An existential threat to “the region”? What does that even mean? I suspect Rubio doesn’t know. He knows he is supposed to refer to Iran as an existential threat to Israel to satisfy hawks in his party, but maybe he thinks that doesn’t go far enough to express how fantastically threatening he thinks Iran is.

 Well 100% agreement here.


Dr. Mossadegh in military court after 1953 coup d’état in Iran.

This picture breaks my heart. Literally dampened my mood.

You fuckers fucked my country up and now you wanna nuke the shit out of it. Seriously, fuck you. All the middle fingers. When will you leave us alone?


I have to agree.  Iran should be left the fuck alone to overthrow it’s own dictator.  We should mind our own fucking business in that part of the world.

Fuck imperialism.

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Sure there’s some crazy shit on that website, but I tend to agree with this.

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Hello ATS,

I expect this thread to perhaps garner a bit of controversy, and as well I have a feeling this has been done before in one way or another. Although my main body here will focus on the United States and how it’s become a rogue nation, according to its own standards; this thread will also focus on the propaganda of the word “rogue nation” or “rogue state” as started by the United States.

A history of the word.

The term “Rogue Nation” or “Rogue State” was first brought forth by US officials in the late 1990’s, in reference to North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Sudan.

** It’s interesting to note that Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya were removed from that list after widespread military action was taken by the US.

During the last term of the Clinton Presidency, Madeleine Albright, then secretary of state, proposed changing the term to “states of concern”.

The term resurfaced during George W Bush’s presidency, prior to the invasion of Iraq, and also resurfacing the term “Axis of Evil” as well, in reference, to Iran, North Korea & Iraq.

Attempting to find what qualifies as “Rogue”.

Can be a bit difficult, considering the US hasn’t released official documents detailing how they choose who gets to be apart of this wonderful group of countries who apparently support terrorism and who are a global threat. (Any that I’ve found anyway.)

Some critics have said the term is just an excuse to paint US enemies, whether military, economic or otherwise, as terrorist nations. Which given the reasons for war in Iraq and the recent involvements of its military in Libya (see Gold Dinar) could certainly be argued effectively.

So then it falls on the looking at what US officials have used as arguments when discussing rogue nations.

The usual talking points include:

• Funding terrorist organizations ( either in public or through black ops)
• Assisting in arming or training paramilitary organizations in an effort to carry out actions of terrorism.
• Providing asylum to known terrorist leaders.
• Attempting to gain WMD’s in spite of non-proliferation treaties.
• Human rights abuses towards their own citizens or other nation’s. (via direct military intervention, economic sanctions or legislation meant to deter democratic process.

(If I’ve forgotten any important ones, please feel free to add them to your replies.)

So just how many of these qualifiers does the US fall into?

The truth is many of them.

Funding terrorist organizations.

Anybody with a clear understanding of clandestine operations outside the US, carried out by US special forces or 3 letter agencies such as the CIA or FBI, could effectively argue that those actions were of Terrorist Nature.

Those agencies, by association are therefore terrorist organizations. There’s a lot more that could be said here regarding these organizations and their crimes according to international as well as domestic law, but that’s another thread entirely.

Assisting in training or arming of paramilitary organizations.

It’s a well known fact that the US government has trained many paramilitary organizations across the globe, some of which have then turned into terrorist organizations. Al-Qaeda comes to mind.

Providing asylum to known terrorist leaders.

Although no contemporary documentation or proof exists, (other than postulated theories of connecting the dots to various events) past US government operations such as “Project Paperclip” and various others moved known war criminals from their respective countries, into the United States for various reasons.

Also one could argue that after the Economic Crash of 2008, the United States did nothing to persecute those who committed financial terrorism by gambling people’s futures.

Many think these economic events were all planned in advance in order to further the agenda of the PTB.

Attempting to gain WMD’s

The US claims its nuclear weapons program is now more about dismantling them and removing them from the hands of terrorist; however the US still holds one of the largest stock piles in the planet. And as conspiracy theorists, it is only proper that we consider the possibility of on going research to refine nuclear weapons for tactical use.

Human Rights Violations

Not only can we argue the United States has committed crimes against humanity on multiple occasions, they’ve also create a concentrated effort at home to reduce the freedoms of the individual.

From “Free Speech Zones” to Homeland Security, over zealous TSA agents and domestic law enforcement, the US has a clear track record ( over the last 15 years specifically) of attempting to squander the thoughts and wants of the average American Citizen.

Also by applying economic sanctions on other countries, which some critics ( including myself) end up hurting more the people of that nation as opposed to the government, this could also be construed as a form of “Financial Terrorism”.

Propaganda at its finest

If there’s anything that the United States learned from watching Nazi Germany was how to create a nation of obedient workers, who asked no questions, so long as the element of f ear existed.

It was first done successfully during Vietnam and the Cold War and resurfaced as strong as it ever was after 9/11. We all remember the White House Press Conferences when Donald Rumsfeld or another of his cronies would come out and say “Today is blue day, no green, no orange”.

The ability to use fear as a weapon is a very important factor in the United States being able to carry out it’s day to day operations, as well as it’s “World Police” mentality, without the people of the United States having the proper information to tell them to stop.

This also includes revisionist history, where the winners get to write the text books and the children of today are taught to have an almost religious worship of their country.

“Patriotism” as it has become today in the United States has been, along with fear, the biggest tools used by our masters in order to enslave our minds and use your hard earned dollars to start conflicts that are not in your interest.

Today we see the same kind of tactics surrounding Iran. It’s easy for somebody who has been around a while to see the clear signs that the war drums are beating. That the curtain is closing on another conflict, therefore another must come up to continue gathering the Benjamin’s so to speak.

The entire US economy was re-tooled after 911 to serve as a military industrial complex. Without the spoils provided by war, the United States would not be able to carry on at its current pace, without widespread poverty and fiscal issues.

Which funny enough is exactly the position we see the country sliding into today.

Another point of contention in contemporary propaganda are inter-country legislation, which publicly are touted as being better ways of protecting the people, or making trade easier, when with history as our guide, can be easily distinguished as further removal of our rights and privacy.

The Patriot act in the United States was the first far reaching piece of legislation that accomplished legalizing crime committed by the government.

Now today we are faced with the new Perimeter Security legislation, in the works by President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, which effectively makes the sharing of information between the countries easier.]Perimeter Security

As in giving DHS access to Canadian’s files and vice versa.  As in allowing American LEO’s to come into Canada’s borders to catch fugitives or effectively “self extradite” Canadian citizens.

And I would assume that those rights would work both ways.  Although the legislation linked above doesn’t discuss what I have in those terms the possibility of these outcomes are certainly present.

They should worry all of us.

This continues the long standing Western tradition of sacrificing freedom for security.  Or at least a false sense of security.
Doublethink as described by George Orwell:

[quote] To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget, whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again, and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself — that was the ultimate subtlety; consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word ‘doublethink’ involved the use of doublethink.[/quote]

The vast majority of Western Media and the government consistently use Doublethink as a means to fool you into agreeing with their agenda.  Be aware of it.

Propaganda cannot affect you if you see it coming. 

“When injustice becomes law, rebellion becomes duty.”

—Thomas Jefferson

I hope this thread makes you think.  I am not saying I am 100% correct in these declarative statements I have made.  These opinions and thoughts are the result of years of watching the chess board and making up my own mind based on the information I’ve been given and found.

New Facebook group asks Prime Minister to postpone any plans to a strike of Iran’s nuclear facilities until after the Queen of Pop’s planned May 29 visit.

WTF is this?  I’m continually amazed at some of the ignorance that comes out of these groups.  Israeli or not.  ” Could you please not start WW3 until we get to see Madonna perform?”

Fucking insane.

Just more fuel for the fire against Israel and it’s black ops against Iran.  They will reap what they sow eventualy.